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  • How do I become a Vendor?
    Email us with your information and you will be placed on the waiting list for upcoming booths!
  • What is available to purchase in our cafe?
    Our Chicago Drive location has a new sit-down style café area! There are individual coffee, tea, or hot chocolate pods to purchase. We have an assortment of pop and chips. Make sure to check often as we will occasionally give away free cookies! This is the perfect place to relax a little bit after you explore the shop! Our Wilson location also has pods to purchase to make drinks!
  • Can we negotiate prices?
    One of the most common questions for sure! Each booth is rented, stocked, and priced by individual vendors (people). Those people are in charge of setting their prices, and Changing Thymes employees are required to sell the price on the ticket that vendor has placed on their product. Employees are not able to negotiate prices on any item within the stores. We do have storewide sales once a month that vendors can participate in (if they choose to) and put a discount percent on the already great prices of items in their booths.
  • If I purchase a large item do I have to take it home that day?
    If you purchase a large item (furniture, etc.) and you have no way of getting it home that day, we have a 3 day pick up policy. If you do not pick it up after 3 days, the item will go back on the floor for sale, and you will not get a refund.
  • Why Can't we sell an item that does not have a price tag on it?
    If you find an item in a vendor's booth that does not have a price on it, we may not sell this item, because we are not certain that this item belongs to that vendor. When customers are shopping, they sometimes pick up items and decide they no longer want them, so they set them down elsewhere.
  • Can I contact a vendor?
    We do not give out any contact information about vendors. If you are in the store and you see a vendor in their booth, you are more than welcome to talk to them.
  • How many Vendors do you have?
    We have over 200 vendors, and our inventory is constantly changing!!!
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